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How to Label Folders

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  • How to Label Folders

    Hello everyone, this is my first post.

    I read through GTD and implemented
    the system back in January. I'm reaping
    the benefits nicely ... thanks David!

    Recently I reviewed the system and
    have realized that it is very important
    to make sure your projects are defined
    by the outcome you wish to attain.

    Now the confusion I have, is how to
    label my folders that have material
    for these projects.

    For example:

    I develop web sites, and a project would
    be to "Add contact page to web site".

    Then I go and brainstorm this project, then
    organize the thoughts on pen and paper. So then
    I want to put these pages into a folder for
    this project.

    I'm resistant to label the folder by the
    project name "Add contact page to web site" because
    since i work on myany sites, I'll have a bunch of
    folders that begin with "add" or "create" or
    "write" which feels wrong.

    I also don't want to label the project too
    general, like "enhance site" because too many
    other projects will be the same.

    So in general, I want to know how people label
    their physical project folders, or any thoughts
    on this issue.

    Thanks a bunch !

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    This is probably one of the few places where I deviate from the GTD book. I, too, am a web developer. On my projects list,the projects are labeled "Publish web site for xyz" or "Roll out xyz web site." However, the folder support names use a combination of the client name and the name of the website/system, for example, "XYZ: Request System".

    I do think it's important to define the successful outcomes, especially on the project list. But I find project support folders easier to find with the names I've chosen.

    That said, my personal project folders are labeled with the exact name of the project (example: "Prepare for settlement").


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      How about:

      "XYZ contact page added"


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        That's a good suggestion.

        When I'm at work, all the projects pertain
        to the same company, so there is no need for


        Let me list a bunch of projects that I'm
        struggling to write folders for.

        - Enhance administration area to manage news
        - Update administration to manage accounts
        - Write an about us page
        - Add title tags to all pages
        - Create an FAQ page
        - Add a privacy policy page


        SO based on rossw's suggestion, probably what would work is:

        - Administrtaion enhancement to manage news
        - Administration update to manage accounts
        - About us page added (or written)
        - Title tags added to all pages
        - FAQ page created
        - Privacy Policy Page added

        identify the folder with the page or section of the site it pertains to.

        That'll have to do !