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Reserve time for daily routines

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  • Reserve time for daily routines

    During the last days I found that I'm doing more. I had more customer meetings and customer oriented actions. On the other hand my collegues complained I wasn't signing some internal documents in time. And I had to do daily processing at home at my family time.

    It means I need to schedule in daily processing time and office time to sign off documents. I can fix them in time. Or I can reserve the time and then move it. Can not delete it or move to the next day.

    For example, I reserved my processing time from 10 to 11 in the morning. A customer calls who wants a meeting in his office at the same time. Then I move processing time to 12-13 time slot. If I have too many meetings requests I still have a time for processing and office work.

    Is it something new or David mentioned that approach?