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"Mind like water" ?

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  • "Mind like water" ?

    Does anyone REALLY experience the state of "mind like water" ?

    I mean, GTD improves the daily workflow in a tremendous way, and capturing and processing everything gives a certain liberation, but I feel Im lacking a more higher form of clearness.

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    1. give it more time
    2. climb up the Horizons of Focus more (vs. staying down on the runway keeping that clear)
    3. clarify what "mind like water" would mean to you, so you'll recognize it when it shows up


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      Originally posted by Tom.9 View Post
      Does anyone REALLY experience the state of "mind like water" ?
      Yes, because to me mind like water means appropriate reactions to outside stimuli. With a good grounding in GTD techniques I know that how I react is appropriate for whatever life throws my way.


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        I have, but it's not what you think. It' more like a flooded river.


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          On some rare occasions I can feel really satisfied with my system, and I will catch myself thinking "wow, I feel really on top of everything". Of course one day later I might feel more like the flooded river Ryan describes

          Loking back at a little over 1 year of GTD, I can only come to the conclusion that I must have a mind that is more like water... it has allowed me to become more reliable for my clients (I am self employed) and it has brought me the clearness to get to a next stage in my activities and identify what I really like and don't like and what I want to change in my work. I believe the reason I got to this was because GTD helped me to handle the work. So by getting more control, I got more perspective... to me that is also mind like water = having time/clearness to think about the higher levels.



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            It helped me by keeping the image of reacting to outside interuptions with just the right amount of energy and remembering to return to that original state. It's kind of zen, but practicing on how I controlled my reactions and keeping my work schedule flexible with GTD helped alleviate a lot of irritation, anger and stress in my work life.

            Even when I have the CEO on the phone needing me to fix her laptop, the prepress manager needing new press-ready art on my IM and my assistant pestering me if she can have friday off and they all hit me all at once I know I can get back to that original state and that my work will get done.

            Don't fret, it takes a LOT of practice. Some days I fall off the wagon and get frustrated, but it gets easier.