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How to turn aspects of GTD implementation into (a) project(s)?

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  • How to turn aspects of GTD implementation into (a) project(s)?

    Any thoughts?- I think I need to work on my tools as a project.

    I am trying to better define the work I need to do to use GTD methods consistently.

    Been thinking that different parts are really projects in themselves and am trying to write outcomes so I can have he next actions specified..

    Project: IN BOX MANAGEMENT= keep in box empty (new), process old "in"an hour a day until caught up.

    Project: LIST MANAGEMENT =Maintain up-to-date paper system for capture, calendar, and n/a tracking date paper system.

    Project: ORGANIZE WORK: Have at least one one n/a listed per project; have n/as approximately equal in estimated time to ?60% of foreseen available time in next 7 days (?). Not sure how far to go out in terms of days and how many. any of my projects have numerous independent actions. But, too many n/as result in too much scanning in various contexts. Many of my projects involve thinking and planning so they need chunks of an hour or two. Not all the work is projects in that much is routine stuff that must be kept up with.

    Project: LIST OF PROJECTS AND SDBS. Use electronic system to keep and review weekly.

    I know there is more to it, especially the higher altitudes.

    Anyoone taken themselves through a comparable process to get "there" (consistent GTD implementation)?

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    I created GTD as one of my areas of focus. It will never be finished.

    It is the place where I store all my notes about GTD as I learn.
    This then becomes the resource I use as a parent of new projects.
    So I always have a project of some kind to develop a part of my GTD process and the AOF is a place to funnel my many GTD imperfections into choosing a single Next Project.

    These projects do tend to have a lot of 'soft' actions, such as re-reading a topic in one of the GTD books or just spending some time figuring out why something is not clicking.

    I generally consider habit-forming to be a project, as it takes time during which you need regular reminders and you need to verify that the habit has stuck and modify it or re-inforce it accordingly. The project ends when I feel the habit has become natural and have recorded a future check up date.

    A recently completed project was to make a clear separation between the clarification and organisation steps. I now have the habit of doing clarification on paper, before organising it into my electronic system.

    One of my upcoming projects is to re-write my visions as a single vision document as I had a recent inspiration that ties them all together.
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