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Weekly Review Support Group - WR Avoiders Anonymous

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  • Weekly Review Support Group - WR Avoiders Anonymous

    Does anybody have an interest in making this thread a support group to help each other "just do" the weekly review? Last week, despite all good intentions, it slipped again, this time because "I'm too tired and cranky and my blood sugar's too low." From all accounts, the WR is the most crucial aspect of GTD, and yet, I resist! Argh!

    This week I SWEAR I'm going to do it. It would be great to hear other people's trials, tribulations and success stories with getting into the WR habit. Maybe we could also encourage each other and congratulate each other when we actually do it . . . We could even swap email addresses and send each other reminder emails like "You promised you would do the weekly review at lunchtime today . . . don't break that promise you made to yourself!".

    Anybody interested?

    I'll go first. Hi, I'm Taxgeek and I haven't done a weekly review in a loooooooong time. I keep my context lists more or less up to date in real time, so skipping the WR doesn't result in projects lacking NAs, but it does result in a lack of an overview in my head about the big picture and what projects are more important, what projects have been languishing for far to long, etc. It results in me working in reactive mode -- I work on the projects for the clients that complain. No major disasters yet, but I'd like to get back on the 'proactive' bus.

    Does everybody else have a regular scheduled time for the WR, as David suggests? A way to talk yourself into it when you just don't feel like it? I pretty much have to do mine at my desk in my office, so can't motivate by promising a nice venue for the WR. Help!!!

    Thanks to anybody who wants to play!

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    Weekly Review Support Group - WR Avoiders Anonymous

    I'll play! I schedule my weekly review for Fridays at 1:00 p.m. (or just after whenever I eat lunch) . I'm still working out the kinks...


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      Great. Do you go through DA's entire WR checklist, or do you do some customized version of it? I'm considering whittling it down to make the review more palatable. Any input on that?


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        WR Avoiders Anonymous

        Just want to thank Taxgeek for a wonderful laugh on a Monday. Sign me up.


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          Report: Ok, it's 1pm Monday, the designated time has arrived. Lunch is finished, and I'm sitting down to DO IT! Wish me luck!

          (Reading your responses helped me hold on to my initial push of excitement.)

          I'll report back later on what happens!
          2 hours elapse

          Yay, I did it! I did it!!! My first weekly review in AWHILE. I feel clean!

          Now, who's next? I ended up customizing DA's list significantly to make it meaningful to me. It helped when I recognized teh value of doing each step and wasn't just going through the motions for the heck of it.



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            Weekly Review support group

            Tax Geek oh how your words spoke to me. I have met all the hard deadlines, but the lack of weekly review kept the "quiet" stuff from getting done when it should have. I too swore that last Friday would be the day my weekly review got done and the entire day went by and it did not get done. I thought about it all weekend and just couldn't bring myself to get it done Sunday when the weather was wonderful. I was in the office this morning and spent the DAY doing the weekly review with time out for day sensitive stuff. It was a wakeup call and took so long because it had been so long since I had done it and it took a while to make sure it was all there. I had to make sure all my in buckets were empty and then empty the biggest in bucket of all My head.
            Tomorrow morning before I go to the gym ( I had to commit to a personal trainer twice a week at 7am to haul my butt to the gym.)I am listing my top 5 of the week and they are getting done.
            I would like to do my review Friday at 1.


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              Great job, Mardo! Isn't it amazing how long it can take when you really start focusing on each project and open loop? Seems like there are several people on the Friday afternoon bus . . . so stop by here and we'll nag you a bit!


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                Does a weekly review really make sense only for working people? I'm a SAHM and finding uninterrupted time to do a weekly review has becoming extremely difficult. The few hours during the week when I don't have kids is delegated to housework and/or paperwork, and those things must be done (I tackle my inbox regularly, it's just that the big-picture weekly review hasn't been getting done)...


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                  One idea that can help is to break the Weekly Review into smaller pieces that don't necessarily have to be done right after another.

                  In other words, I'll spend 20 minutes to go over the non-Project actions and then work on the project related actions later in the day.



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                    Sometimes I find the weekly review depressing when I see how little progress I have made on projects – many of them still have the same NA hanging since last week



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                      Weekly Review Support Group

                      Sign me up as well


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                        Count me in also, I could use a Weekly Review Support Group!


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                          Weekly Review Support Group

                          Kudos to Mardo and Taxgeek for getting their weekly reviews done. To answer your question Taxgeek, at the moment I am sticking with DA's weekly review checklist.


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                            Anybody SUPPOSED to be doing their review today? Tuesday? Anyone? Anyone?


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                              I'm SUPPOSED to be doing my wr tomorrow.

                              I've been avoiding it for about 4 weeks now....