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Next action completed - now what?

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  • Next action completed - now what?

    What do you do when you have completed your next action, and there is still work to do?
    Example as given in the book: to clean my garage, 1st action is to get rid of old refrigerator. Once I have gotten rid of that refrigerator, do I replace the next action, or create a new thought? Should I have entered it as a project?
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    Yes, clean the garage would be project because it requires multiple actions. For a project, best practice is to add another action straight after finishing one, so you can always keep it moving along and it doesn't stagnate. However if you forget to do this then it will be identified during the weekly review.


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      What does it mean "to clean my garage"?

      Originally posted by pdzip View Post
      to clean my garage
      I would define what it means "to clean my garage". Get rid of dust? Get rid of old refrigerators? Make room for a new car?


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        I think it is OK to complete another action if it is obvious and you have the time, energy, context. If not, make sure you have a project and add the next action to the relevant context list.


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          Think of your next actions as bookmarks for your projects; the very next thing you can do to make progress on it. Once you drag the old refrigerator out you can go back in right away and start clearing off a shelf. You don't think about your lists, you just go with the flow and make as much progress as you like.

          When you decide to stop working on that project, decide what you do next to get started again and capture it. You'll get it into your lists either right then or during your next processing session. If you don't set a new bookmark right away and wind up with an orphaned project (i.e. a project without a defined next action) you should notice it during your weekly review.

          Make sure you are running the system. Don't let the system run you.