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Books about personal productivity and sales

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  • Books about personal productivity and sales

    Was hoping you all could give me a hand with some research I am doing for a book. I am hitting a dead end, and am amazed at the following fact:

    There are very few books that have been written on the subject of personal productivity and sales.

    Has anybody come across any? I don't even care if they were good or not. I am trying to compile a list and I am having a very difficult time.


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    one idea

    I don't know of any books that specifically cover personal productivity and sales combined. That said, I have seen training materials for particular industries that address time management and sales in the same arena.

    One example is a system I saw for insurance agents to track potential leads and possible clients. I believe the system was put out by FC&S but I am not positive.

    Perhaps other materials are available for particular types of salespeople to help them address time management or personal productivity.

    I would take GTD alone over any of these systems, though!



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      Hey there Paper Ninja,

      I'm doing a webinar on June 17th with one of our directors of business development on "GTD in a Sales Role".

      If you sign up for the two-week free trial for GTD Connect you can sign for the webinar on the home page of GTD Connect.



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        The sales classics (in my opinion):

        SPIN Selling, Major Account Sales Strategies (both by Neil Rackham)
        Selling is Dead by Marc Miller