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Help for a Sales Professional!!

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  • Help for a Sales Professional!!

    I have struggled with GTD, AutoFocus and others for several years now and I’ve changed my system as many times as I’ve changed my binders / notebooks! I am in “outside sales”, work from home, travel 3 days a week (car). I like using a paper system and currently have the Levenger Circa Leather notebooks / zip binders in both Jr. and Letter Size (still struggle with which size). My company does require us to use a CRM, but still I keep lists, notes, etc. in my paper system. How would you set up a system for my profession? I don’t get repeat business. I make a lot of cold calls. Should I have a separate Context labeled “Cold Calls”? After a call, put them in W/F if I didn’t reach them? Create a “Project” when a cold call turns into a “Prospect”? When a reminder from my CRM pops up “call Jane about xyz”, should I then just add that to my “@Calls” list? Currently I’m using just one list similar to AF, but not feeling “in control”. Any help is appreciated. I have wasted so much time trying to figure out what system to use.

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    Hi Gator,

    I would suggest signing up for a two-week guest pass to GTD Connect and watching the "GTD in a Sales Role" webinar we just did with two savvy GTDers who are senior sales executives.

    Guest pass:


    They both went over lots of examples like what you're asking about.