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How do I manage an account with many clients?

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  • How do I manage an account with many clients?

    Help...I am a bit stuck. Can anyone describe to me an effective way to manage the many accounts I am responsible for? I am in sales and have about 20 accounts. Each of these accounts has an average of 20 or so clients. Each client requires various information, phone calls, follow up, and many other actions. Some of the actions are more impoortant than others and some are immediate wwhile others are longer term questions I would like to get answered which usually are best done face-to face.
    I am having a hard time figuring out how to manage this process? Does anyone have any suggestions?

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    Each account is something that comes from the organization chart of your company and is not your business. Or was it you who made this up? Does it bear any relevance outside your company?

    The other stuff has to be managed and the question is: how do you like to 'slice' it?

    You could make every client a project. Sounds nice, but then you'll have projects that go on for a long time.

    You could make every type of outcome a project. For instance, you have this goal of getting 20 clients to buy product X. Make this a project. Sounds neat to me, but then you will have support materials for each client and then again for each project.