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processing memorabilia

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  • processing memorabilia

    For most of us, at least some of those paper stacks have photos, programs, ticket stubs, articles etc. that are really only "for memories sake". I was folderizing these by year or subject, with note attachedm as I came upon them when it hit me that I could keep a good supply of acid-free sleeves and liner paper (the kind that go in scrap books) and in less than 2 minutes pop such as item on the right kind of paper with double stick tape, pencil in a caption and date thereby avoid a big acculumulation to sort through at a later date. So far, this has proven to keep the processing going faster and more smoothly.

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    That's a really good idea! I've been trying to come up with a way to organize recipes that I have printed out or cut out of magazines -- something like what you're doing with memorabilia might work for me. I could get some kind of clear pages that could go in binders later and keep a supply near my inbox.