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    Yes. In fact the president of the company sent me one complimentary several years ago. (I do time management workshops for teachers and others in the school business).

    If you are using a paper planner, this one fits pretty well with the GtD ideas. You see a week at a glance. The pages are layed out where you have a good bit of room to make lists that are tied to a specific day. The paper is good heavy quality.

    The drawback I see is that there is no "right-hand page" such as what you have with Day-Timers or Franklin-Covey. When I was using a Day-Timer, having a place to record info and then be able to get back to it quickly made all the difference in the world.



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      Hi Frank,

      Prompted by your comment that you have taught time management to teachers, I went back to take a second look at this product. Would you actually recommend it for teachers? Is there enough room to include lesson plans? I didn't think so the first time I looked, but I'm wondering if the professional size might have enough room.

      Thanks for your help.


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        Probably not, not unless your lesson plans are very brief notes. If so, you could use the "Daily Things to Do" section. (The bottom 1/3 of each week is marked off in hour time blocks for appointments, the middle 1/3 for to-dos that are specific to that day, and the top 1/3 which would be good for GtD lists.) That middle section could serve as a space for lesson plans for a secondary teacher who teaches the same one or two subjects all day long.

        If you are wanting to combine a lesson plan book, calendar, to-dos, etc. into one book, a better bet would be to start with a lesson plan book. One two-page spread would be your lessons. Flip the page, and the next two-page spread would be appointments, lists, documentation, etc.


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          Oh well, that last post listed me as Guest instead of by name. It was from Frank Buck