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  • Just getting started

    Hi there. I've read through GTD twice and have just started to implement David's system. I'm trying to estimate just how much time to block out to get the main chunk of my workflow setup and moving ahead. I've managed to sneak in some preliminary work (labeling A-Z files, tickler files, buying supplies, designating a place for my inbox - the sort of thing that I know would distract me as I began processing my papers & data). Would it be reasonable to set aside one day or afternoon for collection & the next day for serious processing?

    Thanks so much for your perspectives.


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    I have stretched the initial collection at home over 2 days, and the processing over a number of days the following week, since I was "on the road" most of the time. You might want to put "important to-dos" (payments,...) in a separate pile instead of your IN-box (I had a crate ), so that you can work through the initial IN-box without any time pressure.


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      I laughed out loud when I read these two posts - they match perfectly what I've been up to since picking up the Book a week or so ago (I've just finished it, by the way - part 3 is excellent food for thought).

      I have just moved into a rented house after splitting up with my wife, and I'm determined to get my life into some semblance of order. The front bedroom, which I want to use as an office, was shocking pink - so I asked the landlord if I could paint it Magnolia. I've been here 3 weeks now, and have managed one and a half coats. The pink is still showing through.

      I'm telling you this so that you understand MY particular reasons for putting off the Initial Purge - and I have done just what way2busymom did - setting up things in advance - labelling, tickler files, buying stuff, drawing plans of where everything will go in the office.

      Then I read GettingThere's post and laughed again! "I had a crate" - yes! So do I. I actually have four of them. Big plastic ones. And one of them is labelled IN another FILING, another "ORNAMENTS" (because I have no furniture to put them on yet!) and the last one "STUFF TO DIGITIZE" (I want to scan a load of photos and scrapbooks onto the PC).


      Glad to hear other people are going through exactly the same stuff as I am.

      One thing I can recommend is the purchase of a voice recorder. I have an Olympus VM-900, and it's great for when you can't get to your notebook (or in my case my PDA - I'm a techno freak!). I use it in the car, and quite a lot when I'm in bed and think of something to remember in the morning - it's a truly fantastic tool.


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        When I first implemented this at home, I started with an in-box. That turned into the entire surface of my desk. Then piles started appearing on the floor. By the time I was done, I'd pretty much taken over our home office.

        Belinda, as for timing, it took me two full days to collect and process just my home stuff. It broke up nicely into those 2 days. The first I spent collecting: papers, physical stuff, a 2-hour-plus mind sweep. Then I was exhausted, and went to bed. The second day was spent processing, and I managed to get most of it done that day. So yes, you certainly can break it up over time. But the 2-day method, which is what I think David uses when he does one-on-one advising, works nicely. I didn't have 2 days to do at work, so I did it there in the evenings, and I think it took me about 2 weeks of that.

        Good luck!