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creating habits using GTD

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  • creating habits using GTD

    I am using GTD in my life and I really enjoy it. The biggest deficiency that I have so far is trying to use it to install new habits in my life. An example of this is that I am a software developer and I use the same piece of software ever day. I know I could become a more efficient developer if I learned to use it better. I have take the time to do the research and I know how to use it better. However, when I start using it I fall into old habits and forget to use the things that I have learned. I am trying to think of a way to work habit creating into my GTD system some how so I am reminded and actually use the things that I have learned. However, I cannot seem to find a good way to do it (I am using omnifocus to keep my lists). Any ideas of how to integrate habit creation into a GTD lists or do you use some other way? Thanks for any thoughts on the matter.


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    Simple. Use daily checklist for things you want to be reminded of but are not next actions. For example
    * sleep enough
    * see if I'm implementing some habit
    * See that nothing falls through the cracks in Omnifocus
    * etc.

    Check it everyday. Done

    When some items on this list would need actions and you want to be proactive, for example researching something or whatever, then create a project.


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      I have a checklist that I use everyday. One of the things on the top of my list is to read my GTD guide. It is a document I wrote on how to do GTD (my specific system) and I've expanded it to include all the tasks I have to do. Like I'm trying to learn how to use a GIS software and I put my description of how to use it in there. Each day I read it (or skim and read the parts I haven't memorised yet) and over time you memorise what you have to do, and that's when things start becoming a habit.


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        Thanks for the ideas. I have the tendency to ignore things on my list that happen every day. But, I think I need to correct this to move forward.

        ~ Josh