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Hello!, Good start and quests about steps 2

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  • Hello!, Good start and quests about steps 2

    Hi all
    English isn`t my first language, but I hope you can understand this anyway:
    I`m 26, I live 3 years in my own flat now and the whole thing became a mess recently. I bought the simplify-book and managed to clean-up all floors various times but I usually created staples (sp?) at all places.

    Some good rating on amazon made me buying this book (and a juggler on the front cover is always great because this is my favorite thing to do ). This is the FIRST book that let me START some REAL cleaning up: I replaced my table, looked out for all this necessary little things and barely found them all, it took me 2,5 hours to fill my in-box. But how awesome- I did that without any rests!!! Heck, how many times I just started to move around all that stuff...I even did a first round of work trough this box in 3,5 hours today.

    Why GTD works? I realized that

    ...EVERY object you`ve is either ok or has to be removed
    ...there is no cheating`ve to learn the hard way how much objects you forgot... can create a nice place to be, like the "future" flat or house you always wanted- I don`t know any other system that can give you the same experience (the in-box is the only worst case place...)

    I still have 60+ place holders in my in-box but my flat starts to look nice.

    Here are some newbie questions:*

    1. What English names do you use for all the steps and the places? It took me a few minutes to decipher NA so a short list of your names is welcome!

    2. The A-Z file system is really great and the only way to find a place for all that I`ve found in my in-box BUT how do you organize your own archive/ file system if the objects are too big for a normal file?

    3. How do you organize your own archive/ file system if the objects are NOT papers?

    4. In theory, there is a way to manipulate the system- say, you don`t want to look into this cupboard, so you can decide to put it on the "maybe" list- true? Who ever cheated that way to avoid more serious in-box work?

    Thanks for your help

    Greetings from Switzerland
    * I checked the board 1,5 hours but couldn`t find the answers, Sorry if this are FAQs!


    Ah, and the project and NA question is already answered.

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    short answer to a complex prompt

    Hello and welcome!

    I've made a "step-by-step" picture show of processing a desk. To answer your questions, think about this question:

    What do you want to see?

    Where do you want to see it?

    How often do you want to make sure it's there?

    This will be different for lots of things. I'll check my paper supply for my fax/printer every couple of weeks; while I'll check my business card supply before I leave on every trip.


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      Jason, thanks a lot for this pictures and texts!

      I used binders for my very first A-Z filing system and it was challenging to find some better thing (not the old hanging file system you know) in Switzerland.

      As soon as I`m able to order a nice file system I`ll do it, I just wanted to start the system before anything was ready

      If you`d like, I can upload a video that shows me cleaning up my first basket, I filmed my 3,5 hours in intervals of 5 minutes.


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        Re: Hello!, Good start and quests about steps 2

        Originally posted by Dreamjuggler
        1. What English names do you use for all the steps and the places?

        which steps, which places? If your native language is German, I can offer some help.



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          list of German GTD words

          Hallo Rainer

          Danke für das Angebot, folgende sehr viel gebrauchten Wörter machen mir Probleme (ach ja, der Aktenordner auch, aber das hat sich geklärt):


          Vielleicht/ Irgendwann
          Anzusprechende Punkte
          Lesen/ noch einmal durchgehen



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            Thanks Jason!

            See the desk gime me a lot of hope. Assuming you are a black belt or really close, I was thinking the desk need to be like a magazine desk, and see the one you show us, you just show me that I can be as normal as I am as far as my collection system get everything in.... do not need to be as clean as I was thinking.....

            You made my day!


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              GTD Deutsch-Englisch

              Hallo Reto,

              ich will's mal versuchen.

              Erfassen = collect oder capture
              Durcharbeiten = process
              Organisieren = organize
              Durchsehen = review
              Erledigen = do oder get a job done oder finish

              "Zeug" = „stuff“
              Eingangskorb = in-basket oder in-tray oder in-box
              Vielleicht/ Irgendwann = Maybe / Someday ( bzw. in GTD: Someday / Maybe )
              Referenzmaterial = reference material
              Terminkartei = tickler file
              Anzusprechende Punkte = items that will be addressed (bzw. Tagesordnung = agenda)
              Lesen/ noch einmal durchgehen = read / review

              Freundliche Gruesse