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  • @anywhere

    Hi all.

    Does anyone in this group use a category such as @anywhere?
    I find the thought creeping up on me lately, as there are a lot of things I can do on my palm or with a sheet of paper and a cup of (good, strong) coffee.

    So what is the recommendation?

    ::: emp :::

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    As long as you regularly check your @anywhere list at work and at home, that should be fine. I keep an @Anytime list, but I only check it on rare occations when I'm sitting somewhere with nothing to do. That would be a bad place to put anything urgent.

    If you sync a Palm (with KeySuite) or a PPC to Outlook you can assign multiple categories to a task, then it would show up in both your @Home and @Work lists.


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      I have an @ANY category that works pretty well for me.

      The category assumes that I'll have access to a pen and paper as well as my Treo600 (which allows for personal emails, calls and such - though I do have a separate call category).

      Here are a few things that are currently in my ANY list:
      - Determine what I want the final presentation to look like (in other words, sketch out on paper what I want to put in powerpoint)
      - Determine who I need to talk to about a particular piece of software
      - Friends (I try to drop a piece of communication to at least one friend a day)
      - Make a list of songs for wedding cd (I'm getting married in August and we're working on a cd to give as a wedding favor - if I think of a song, I add it to the notes of this task).

      Basically, @ANY encompasses anything that I can do with my Brain alone or with a bare minimum of tools.



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        I use. an @Anywhere category. It tends to have fewer items than @Computer (which I can do at home or at work), which is often as big as @Work or @Home. It tends to have "think about/organize" stuff on it. Honesty is really important here. A lot of stuff really isn't "anywhere" but best done someplace in particular, and @Computer is a different category altogether.



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          These answers seem to resonate with my thoughts.
          I' guess I'll give the @anywhere a try.

          Another thing that is creeping into my mind is the A-Z filing....
          scary, that.

          ::: emp :::


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            anywhere anytime

            I have a time on hand file. This is for at the doctors office or somewhere you are waiting for someone. It has things like going through my client files on my pda and cleaning it up. Or moving one category to another. This is time intensive and not urgent and is done on my PDA which I have with me at all times just about. And if I have a few minutes somewhere I can go do those things.


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              I do have an @Anywhere list. There are times when I use it often (I just seem to have more waiting time) and times when I rarely use it. But I do have to make sure that I check it frequently, because things can get lost, as jrdouce mentioned.


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                @Anywhere is kind of like @Read/Review

                Originally posted by ko
                I do have an @Anywhere list. There are times when I use it often (I just seem to have more waiting time) and times when I rarely use it. But I do have to make sure that I check it frequently, because things can get lost, as jrdouce mentioned.
                Both @Anywhere and @Read/Review can become "black holes" if not checked frequently. By using multiple categories in KeySuite (suggested in a previous post in this thread), I have two views of these items with @Anywhere taking priority.

                If you make it part of your weekly review to eliminate the "cruft" from these lists, I think you'll do fine (my personal rule of thumb is that anything that's been on the list for more than two weeks needs to either be acted on or eliminated).


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                  What a helpful thread! I have an @anywhere category as well, but I do fall into the trap of waiting until I have some odd moment - like waiting at the doctor's office - to work on it. I like the advice about being honest - somethings are best done in my office even though I don't really NEED to be there. And I like the idea of weeding out things that have been on the list more than 2 weeks - whether they are in @ anywehre or not - and either eliminate them or purpose to do them as soon as possible.

                  My reading stack can become a black whole as well. I've started looking through it and asking myself "do I still want to read this" during my weekly review.


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                    I've gone back and forth on this issue. Sometimes, @anywhere becomes "@nowhere", because you're never "anywhere", you're always "somewhere".

                    Not to get philosophical or anything (too late, I guess), but I have at times found that @anywhere is not context-specific enough for me and often got overlooked. Rather, I tend to take the time during my weekly review to double- or triple-enter things on each context list where they could be done. Sometimes this means the same item is listed @home and @office, but that way I know I won't miss it.

                    That being said, I currently keep an @anywhere category basically for "think about . . . " NAs (i.e. "think about picking a guardian for the kids", "think about painting the porch", etc.)


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                      I don't use an @Anywhere category. Maybe I should, though, so I don't wind up just playing backgammon on my Palm while waiting for my doctor's appointment....