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NGs: how do you read them?

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  • NGs: how do you read them?

    I read some newsgroups in outlook express, one of them is really challenging- 200+ entries/ 48 hours.

    How do you follow such a BIG discussion?

    Browsing trough all?
    Save them and read them all?
    Reading the NG on the board it belongs to (you`ve to do much more mouse clicks)

    Note: It takes 5 seconds to read some of the postings BUT I`ve to open all to check this out...

    Thanks for your suggestions!


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    You haven't said if these are public newsgroups or private. I very occasionally read a couple of newsgroups using


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      I read Usenet newsgroups with Agent Newsreader. You can download a trial, and if you decide not to buy, it reverts to Free Agent. I used Free Agent for a long time before I went to Agent. Prior to Agent (I've used it for 4 years), I used Outlook Express. Definitely inferior to Agent!

      I download all new messages so I can read offline. It's so easy to read through threads without wasting time using the keyboard. I can tell at a glance whether or not I want to read the entire message. There are also certain people who I avoid, and people whose messages I always want to read. I can keep messages I would like to refer back to later. Messages are automatically deleted after a specified time period unless I have elected to keep them.

      I don't use the Agent premium newsgroup service because my ISP has a good newsserver. If your ISP doesn't have a newsserver, or doesn't carry a lot of groups, try News.Individual.NET. It's a free service and noted as one of the best, but you do have to register.

      Google is just too cumbersome for reading newsgroups. It is helpful, though, if you want to do a search within one or more newsgroups.

      A Usenet junkie for years,


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        Thanks for your ideas, I`m another Usenet-Junkie

        I usually try to rush trough the NG 2 times daily now, I read all answers to a posting if I can do it in 2 minutes.

        I don`t think I`ll do that for months.