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collaboration with GTD

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  • collaboration with GTD


    Does anybody have information about collaborating with GTD?
    For example: a GTD-list where every person in the team can collaborate and add tasks or some more advanced ways.

    Kind regards

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    The firm 37signals made a business out of this. Their product is called Basecamp and their are some other products in that area. My suggestion would be to search for tutorials and how-tos about Basecamp (because it's popular) and then "steal" ideas from there.


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      You can collaborate and assign (delegate) tasks through Astrid. It an app for Andriod and web interface at I am a user. No financial or otherwise interest.


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        Word of caution.

        Originally posted by karelb View Post
        For example: a GTD-list where every person in the team can collaborate and add tasks or some more advanced ways.
        This may be little offtopic, sorry. I just feel I have to say this.

        First of all, do you mean delegating next actions, or delegating tasks (ie. unprocessed stuff)?

        If tasks to be processed:

        As said, Basecamp is one possible solution. But why not just email?

        Then it's all about your needs. Do you need more like project management software ( Or just digital inbox (email?)?

        If next actions:

        I would be very cautious about allowing other people to add next actions to your list. Few reasons:

        - You cannot anymore trust what you know about your list. At the end of a workday you check your @office list and it's empty, so you decide to go home. But minute after you checked, another employee added "The most important and urgent action ever" to your list. So basically you'd have to process your task list every time you look at it.
        - You don't process those actions yourself, you yourself don't do the necessary brainwork to get comfortable with them.

        I think the traditional GTD way to handle those situations is to delegate for example by email or by dropping a paper note to other persons in-tray.

        Anyway, I think some Wiki software could be used in both cases. Also to follow progress. Maybe not most beautiful and elegant solution.