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How to deal with huge projects with sub-projects?

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  • How to deal with huge projects with sub-projects?

    Can anyone please explain how to deal with huge projects that have several sub-projects in Outlook (w/ add-in)? I guess you could also view these as goals.

    How do you all deal with them?? How do you stop getting confused with how everything links together?


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    I've forgotten where, but there's a document on their site that shows you how to setup sub-projects. It works fine.


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      I just list them as separate projects. In my case, the sub-projects need to get done at the same time or before the big project, so I assign them the same deadline to keep them grouped together, and I also enter the first word of the sub-projects as the same word as the big project so my brain knows they're linked together, but I can still see them all on the projects list. This way they get reviewed together, but I can see clearly where each thing is. Hope that makes sense, and/or is helpful.