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GTD in a Sales Enviroment

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  • GTD in a Sales Enviroment

    Dear Friends...

    I am changing jobs, and in my new job I am going to be working with sales. I have no so much expirence in sales neither in GTD. I have been strugling to get my system works change and setup time from an idea to other, almost every weekly review. I have finally using plain vanilla for 2 weeks now, with only minor changes.

    GTD is helping me a lot, but I have doubt about how to implemented in a sales environment.

    If there is pleople using GTD in a Sales Environment I will really appreciate feedback.

    This is my actual Set up.
    On tasks I have my contexts, @home, @work, @calls, general stuff.

    On my memos, I have my projects, and use the following code:
    ! means work
    $ means a project without actions
    no symbol is non work related project.

    Also when I create an NA a change in the note from a - to a + and when is done (Usually in the WR I change the ones ready for *)

    The codes are working like a charm.

    Also I have another memo category for someday/maybe and for each client that I use as an log book and Inbox, that let me create reports of everyaction made for a client.

    As I am explaining I want a simple system, I try different softwares, but until now I have not find anything that really fits me... Already try Life Balance, Tought Master, Bonsay, Shadow, Agendus, DateBK5

    Also I am worried about how to make the capture system when the change occured (next week) since I know is going to be tons of information and NAs, projects, etc.... Any ideas or tips..