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Identifying my cracks… Need Help!

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  • Identifying my cracks… Need Help!

    Just for a change… I came here looking for help

    Sorry is so long, I change the original message since after reading I discover the problem was in other place that I was aiming for.

    I need to say, that I trust in my system, I write down a lot more, I try to collect once a day, in the last 4 weeks I have been doing 3 weekly reviews, but my system continue having great cracks, therefore I need help.

    I have been trying to set up my GTD system, with highs and lows… Is far from a perfect system. I am trying to identify the big cracks; so far, this is the list of symptoms and how I have been approaching some of those…. Please feel free to advise, criticize, or say anything….

    1.- NA and Projects. This was the first big crack I identify in my system. I have been trying to set up my KISS GTD System for a little bit with no success until Frank explain his approach and I think in these for a little bit, make sense, is simple, now I have in my project list (Ask for help in the forum +Solve the Cracks in the GTD System. Since I am writing this, now goes to Waiting list waiting for Answer in the Forums+ Solve the Cracks in the GTD System.) So far works like a charm.

    2.- The second Problem I found was that my projects where to general, again I solve this issue with Frank approach. I had for example. Get things for the Dog. When in reality that was 3 different projects Get California Dog License, Get Shots to the Dog, Get new Address Tag for the Dog…. Now are easy to identify, and I like it more.

    3.- The Project Folder. This was another horrible crack, now I only have projects that are mini projects in my system and (until now) only work projects, in order to get the complexity as a simple thing. I change those from Task to Memos, since I am only using this as reference for my Weekly review or when I need an update for somebody at work.

    4.- The other big crack I found was to get in the list when I finish a task, for some reason I cannot understand yet, when I finish something I pick random something more than get into my list and pick something. This is other big crack I have found is that if I get in the routine I finish something and continue with the next thing hit my face, and sometimes I do not review the list and some important things go through the cracks.

    5.- The Weekend Entity: At first I had my week staring in Sunday, and later I read in a post that she/he start the week in Monday because for that person the weekend was a sole entity, this hit me in the face, therefore I change my approach and now I have the weekend as a sole entity.

    6.- The Weekend… This is maybe my biggest crack. So far no solution. (Ok this is the crack that initiates this post) When the weekend hits my collect process is as good as in the week, but my accomplish level goes low, just to those things that hit me on the face… This weekend for example I only accomplish 3 little things (Yes spend a great time with my wife, but did not accomplish things from my lists. This is not the first time this happen, usually when the weekend hits my GTD get down and wait, that was one of the reasons I change my WR from Sunday to Wednesday and after that change I have so far 3 out of 4.
    My wife do not practice GTD, and do not believe in the system, she use her brain mainly and write only appointments in her palm, therefore she believes you only do what is urgent or the things you have time.

    In my experience with GTD (Far from Mind like Water, more like Mind a Storm…. The thing is, with the time and the improve of the system is getting to calm

    In the week I believe I cover and go through my list no big problems more than the ones I identify here, some things go trough the cracks, and I am thinking is when I got stressed, because I need to learn to get in calm…

    Anyways I will appreciate any comments….