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The Importance of the Weekly Review

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  • The Importance of the Weekly Review

    I just posted an article on my blog about The Importance of the Weekly Review. My approach is basically a recap of David's system with some slight modifications. Tomorrow, I'm going to write about how to automate this process in Outlook.

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    Thanks alot for this post and also the last one - explaining the automation.

    I searched your blog to find a post which explains the basic setup you use to practice GTD with outlook, but couldn't find one.

    Could you pls refer me to such a post, if exists?

    I'm currently using Trenotes, but would very much like to explore the possibility of using Outlook.



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      For the most part I followed Implementing David Allen's Workflow Processing Using Microsoft Outlook. It's a PDF file you can download for $30.00. In my opinion, it's well worth it.


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        How to Automate Your Weekly Review Process

        I just posted on How to Automate Your Weekly Review Process. It tells how to create a small VBA program in Outlook to enter the review tasks with one mouse-click. Don't worry: you don't have to be a programmer. I include all the code and a step-by-step process. You can have it working in 15 minutes.


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          Great tip Michael!

          I really appreciate the scripts you provide to automate GTD routines Michael. This took me about 3 minutes to set up and will save ten times that amount of time every month setting up my Weekly Review tasks. Please keep the automation tips coming.


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            Thanks, Marc. I'm glad you are finding the scripts useful.


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              Are you using GoBinder instead of OneNote? Just wonder what you prefer about it.

              Great blog btw.



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                Yes, I am trying GoBinder (the new beta version). It is very cool. I think that the ink implementation is more natural than OneNote. Also, you can attach files in their native format. This alone got me interested.


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                  I just installed your Weekly Review Automation. I usually glaze over at the idea of following directions to produce any kind of scripting mechanism. Yours was so easy to follow. I was even able to customize just a little further for my Review. Thank you so much for sharing.

                  Your blog is great too. Do you have other macros that you have shared and if so, where can I get them?

                  Thanks alot.


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                    That's an excellent description of a weekly review! Even if you don't use the script, it's very helpful to see someone else's idea of a weekly review. I find that it's helpful for you to compare your processes to someone else's. It's gives you a good viewpoint of how you personally do things. Not so much a right or wrong, or to copy it, but to compare ideas. Thanks for the great blog!


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                      Thanks for your comments, guys. Yes, I have a few other macros in my bag. I hope to be sharing these over the course of the next several weeks. Keep checking my blog. (How's that for a shameless tease and plug!)


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                        Hey guys, I especially recommend Michael's script about creating the Outlook Windows for ease of inbox processing and GTD. That was just as easy to set up and to tweak to your current needs.

                        This is especially helpful for those you use FC PlanPlus strictly for the Outlook Today-like interface. The script Michael posted is extremely customizable. I've changed it so that I have all important windows present (inbox, calendar, tasks, contacts, notes) and situated such that I can drag and drop from each easily. I call it my Outlook Desktop.

                        Another bonus is that Tasks is opened in its own window and the view of what categories (i.e., contexts) I want to see remain upon closing and opening Outlook. This is opposite of what happens in TaskPad in the calendar of Outlook, where all the categories expand upon opening Outlook. Quite annoying.

                        Good job Michael. Your blog is really helpful.