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Are there any GTD aficionadoes with YouTube channels?

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  • Are there any GTD aficionadoes with YouTube channels?

    Are there any GTD aficionadoes with YouTube channels? To me, a channel is like a blog, in that it gets constantly updated, whether daily, weekly, monthly, whatever. It would be neat to watch a GTDer progress in his GTD via YouTube, as opposed to a textual blogger.


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    Re: Any Gtders with YouTube Channels?

    Yes, there are Gtders with YouTube channels. I happen to be one of them.

    Ready-Set-Do! YouTube Channel

    Videos @

    I also have a blog, but it is mainly text. Though I like your idea of more visual posts. I've got some notes from my years of learning GTD. I'll have to consider some more visual ways of incorporating them as you suggest.


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      We have a GTD channel on YouTube you might find value in:

      It's a small fraction of what's posted to, but will give you a good range of some useful videos from David Allen Company and the community.


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        Channel, yes...about GTD? Not so much...

        My husband and I have a YouTube channel, but I don't think it's what you're looking for - it's all about advanced furniture and decorative arts restoration techniques! Nevertheless, here's the link:


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          Thanks Kelly, I'll check that out.