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Looking for level definitions

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  • Looking for level definitions

    Can somebody point me to or provide a concise definition of each of the levels? 10,000 foot, 20,000 foot, etc. I'm just starting to think off of the runway, and it would help to have that to refer to...

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    Level explanation

    I've lifted this mostly from "Getting things done" and from some stuff from David's mailinglist. I keep them in separate memos in my palm's "checklist" category.
    • 20k+: Areas of responsibility, roles that I have. The goal of this list is to make sure I generate all needed projects.
    • 30k+: Goals for the next one or two years.
    • 40k+: Vision, three to five year goals. These are the big changes you want to make. (You normally overestimate the change you can make in one year, but severely underestimate what you can do in five years' time!)
    • 50k+: Life goals. The Really Big Goals. Loving-the-Lord-with-all-your-strength type of level

    The distinction between 30k and 40k is pretty handy to make. From those two flow the 20k items. (Btw, 20k = 20000). Some 8-14 items you should check regularly to make sure you're not neglecting any area of your life. I think that's the basic goal.

    One big tip: make sure you keep a copy somewhere of what you wrote down. Read it a few years from now. I was shocked when I read such a list of items I made down in 1996.... I managed to get some 4.5 out of 5 actually done (like finishing my studies). Writing it down in a strange way has a lot of influence. Do yourself the favour of being able to look it up in five years time



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      thanks so much!

      Thanks -- just what I needed...