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Documenting Committments

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  • Documenting Committments

    One of the things I remember liking about the Franklin Covey 7 Habits thing was the idea of explicitly recording your commitments to others.

    While projects kind of do that, and within each project I have a list of stakeholders, I no longer have a list of "here are people you've told you're going to do something and here's what they're waiting for." This would be a nice quick list to review when I happen to be with that person

    e.g., "oh, by the way, I'll get X to you next week"

    Does anyone keep a list like this in their GTD system? It's not really a context list.

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    It sounds like what you are looking for are agendas, and David does advocate having them. If you use a PDA, one of your categories would be "Agendas." The tasks would be the names of the people with whom you communicate frequently. You would record the items to talk to that person about in a note attached to his or her name. That wuld get you what you are looking for in your example--you see the person on the fly and are able to quickly put your hands on everything you want to mention to them.



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      thanks. I already have an agenda category, but it's more "things to talk to this person about, then check off as done once I've talked to them about it." I'm thinking more about a list that looks something like:

      @Personal Commitments
      Mom - send her something
      My boss - do something else



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        I do this too. Depending on how I talk to them, it can be recorded under @Phone Calls or @Personal. I do the same as in your example, I put their name first. That way if I write another task for the same person then they are all grouped together automatically.