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Mindmanager and OneNote - any other suggestions

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  • Mindmanager and OneNote - any other suggestions

    Hello everyone, nice to be on board

    OK enough small talk

    Having read GTD, I am as we speak in the process of aligning all my projects, N/A's, waiting 4's, someday/hopefully's etc.

    I have entered these categories in MS OneNote as tabs at the top, with
    multiple tabs down the right for N/A contexts.

    For complex projects, I have created a mind map in mindmanager. For instance, learn "Quickbooks and bookkeeping" has it's own mindmap this allows me to enter any next action or future actions as they occur to me.
    I chose the next action and enter it into the correct next action context in OneNote.

    what I have found nice about OneNote is that if you drag the mindmap icon over into the projects list (in OneNote) it creates a hyperlink allowing me to quickly update the mindmap with any ideas I have for the project and possible future next actions.

    (i just place the dragged mindmap icon over and place it after the project name) in the project list, thus creating the hyperlink straight to the relevant mind map.

    Was wondering if anyone else has done this and how they find it as an implemented GTD system

    Any comments or suggestion would be most helpful?

    many thanks


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    I'm also using Onenote to organize my projects, NA's, etc.

    I have a folder for each client , and a different sectionq/page fore every active project.

    All my project details - NA's, WF's, etc - are listed in the same page.

    I then assign flags for each item - Agenda, NA's and so forth.

    This way I can view the whole project in one page, and I can also view all the items which belong to a certain category, regardless of the project/client (using the note flags summary).



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      goBinder is also a great program even if you Dont use a tablet PC