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GTD on vacation?

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  • GTD on vacation?

    What elements of GTD do you take on vacation or do you take a vacation from GTD?

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    The answer, boringly, is that it depends. It depends on your situation. Are the deadlines from work that you are tracking on your vacation? Then you better have your calendar, at the least, with you.

    I don't take many vacations. When I do take them I try to disconnect from work as much as possible. But if there is a major milestone occuring in the midst of a major project, I will stay in touch with the office.

    I use a PDA and I take it on my vacation. O don't do a weekly review. I keep it mostly for the addresses and phone numbers.


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      I do a weekly review right before I leave, so I know what I will be doing when I return. I leave a few notes for my backup.

      I will do capturing while on vacation in my Palm. Sometimes driving down back roads or riding on a ferry will bring up some of those long buried what if scenarios or wouldn't it be nice type of projects I don't have time to think about otherwise.

      The best thing is that GTD lets me relax and enjoy the time off.


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        Two things:

        Just make sure that you have a capturing tool with you at all times. Once you get in different settings with different input you should all sorts of new ideas pop into your head. Just collect them as they come and enjoy the free flow of ideas as you get them. When you get back from vacation you can dump them all in your inbox and figure what, if anything, they all mean.

        Most of all, have a great time and enjoy the time with your family and friends.