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regarding using outlook and gtd outlook add on

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  • regarding using outlook and gtd outlook add on


    1. Would anyone be able to direct me to a "for dummies" approach for backing up outlook data (including the gtd processed data) on my home pc in case the hard drive suddenly fails.

    2. Furthermore, if I was looking to use a notebook pc in the field and I wanted to be able to "synch between gtd processed data entered into the notebook's outlook program with gtd processed data entered into the desktop pc's outlook program how might I be able to do this in a practicle way?

    3. What's are some of the more easier/efficient ways gtd users are using to implement the creating and filing/storing/organizing of 'reference' or 'project support' material onto the pc for non-email related projects?

    Any thoughts or comments to the above would be greatly appreciated.

    M Rose

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    Link for add-in to backup your PST file


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      I use paperport for desktop file managment as I don't find the tree directory offered in outlook very visually appealing or appealing.


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        Right-click on the "Outlook Today" icon.
        Click on the "Advanced" tab
        You will see a path name for where your data is located (a .pst file)
        Close Outlook

        Go to that folder and move the .pst file to a folder in your My Douments folder.

        When you next start Outlook it won't be able to find the original .pst file and will ask you for the new location. Navigate to this and select the .pst file that you moved. You may get a warning about should Outlook use the default settings, just answer no and close Outlook.

        The next time you open Outlook it will display the .pst file in you My Documents folder. You can confirm this by using the procedure above.

        I try to keep all my important data in My Documents folder then all I have to do is Back up the one folder.

        To sync my Laptop and Desktop I use an application called SmartSync. I just sync my MyDocuments Folder that contains all my docs and Outlook file.

        Good luck


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          GOOD questions, and useful info.

          I too have had my challenges/struggles with physical reference file organization.

          I've been looking for threads in this forum but have come up empty handed.

          If anyone had participated or knows of good discussion/threads for physical reference file organization please let us know. In particular if someone has a "mental algorithm" that they use for EFFORTLESSLY organizing data I'd be interested in hearing how you do it. Dave Allen's "Processing" phase is for me mentally non taxing, however, I cannot say the same when it comes to ORGANIZING PHYSICAL REFERENCE MATERIALS that might not be tied to a live project or someday maybe file.

          V. Paleno