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Logitech IO Personal Digital Pen

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  • Logitech IO Personal Digital Pen

    Does anyone have experience with the Logitech IO Personal Digital Pen? I have always been interested in a better way to capture notes. I still find that pen and paper is the best way to collect data, but then it needs to be typed into eletronic form. Writing into my Palm doesn't cut it, I don't have the cash for a tablet PC and I wouldn't want tocarry one every where. The old Cross Pad was great for the technology of the day (mid 90's). This pen looks promising, although I don't usually write with anything that large.

    I'm interested to know the thoughts of anyone who has used one.

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    It's big and bulky and the paper gets expensive

    I've checked this pen out a couple of times. If there's a FranklinCovey store near you, they usually have them in stock so you can get a feel for the size of the pen - it's big.

    Also, you have to write on special IO paper which has a metallic grid on it so the pen can establish its x-y coordinates relative to the physical page to reassemble the page electronically when you sync.

    I believe there was some integration with OneNote promised a while back so you could capture handwriting and import it into that program. It'd be worth checking the Logitech site to see if that's been done.

    I would definitely try this pen before buying it.