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GTD Music Organization Question

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  • GTD Music Organization Question

    I am a musician working on writing songs. I am using the GTD methods to better improve my productivity.

    Here is my dilemma: I have lots and lots of melodies, and I put these parts together slowly into songs. Before, I had the melodies all in different files on my computer, and it was tedious to keep opening and closing the files to look for parts. Now, I created on file and put all the melodies in. This way, I can easily brose all my potential parts. Does this seem the best approach?

    Thanks so much for any and all assistance.

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    If you read musical notation and have lots of ideas floating around, a good idea is to have them all written as sheet music. Looking is much faster than listening. Sight-reading is a good skill to acquire.

    One large file Pro Tools...maybe. Cut'n'paste works great if you are working with audio. With Logic and Cubase too... Not too many ideas though. Even with markers in the right places it could get hard to shift through hundreds of tiny ideas.

    If you're working with basic recordings, you could compress them into mp3's and fill the ID tags. That way you could have a searchable index of all ideas.

    Actually I guess that constant review of your catalog will direct you to better approaches. Reviewing is the key, as it usually launches new ideas. I like to have chronological markings on the notes I make. If there's any really old stuff unhandled those "old" ideas could launch me into some new direction.

    But this is interesting If anybody has more ideas of GTD and making music, I'd be glad to see them.