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  • Can you help me?

    I've just started a new job, and when I'm working, I keep thinking of things I could do better, and then promptly forget them. I thought of diviing my page in two, one side for notes, and the other divided into quadrants.

    A long time ago I saw a model with the page divided into quadrents. I remember two were things to do less of and things to do more of. Does any one know what the other two are?

    I figure if I could write it down immediately after each call I would be able to review at the end of the day/week and improve more quickly.

    Thanks for your help.


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    $0.02 on note taking method/format

    I have found it is not so much the format as it is that I get back through and process the notes I took in a timely (the closer to the event the better) manner. Then I can strip out what needs to be done and still have enough recall of the event to cipher out my sometimes cryptic notes.

    If you need a format to make it work perhaps just go with one and after a bit you can make the changes you need to fit your style/circumstances. I have found this experimentation to work the best in getting something useful.

    Hope this helps.


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      Maybe you are thinking of Franklin Covey's four quadrants?

      QI - Important and Urgent
      QII - Important but Not Urgent
      QIII - Not Important but Urgent
      QIV - Not Important and Not Urgent


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        Guest.. you are right.. I'm logging the calls as I make them.. so if I write


        Scribble Scribble Scribble what they tell me

        Then Scribble what I did good/what I forgot to do..

        then at the end I can go through and highlight the what I did good and what I forgot and I can see how I'm doing...

        Brainwave.. I think I'll try that for a while and see how it goes. Thanks for being my inspiration.

        J - it came to me in the night. the other two are Stop and Start.. I don't know where it comes from though.. I don't think its a Covey thing..

        thanks for your help though.



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          Cornell Note-Taking Format?

          What your talking about sounds somewhat like the Cornell method of note-taking. It was discussed on this board a while ago:

          A decent description is here:

          Basically, you divide your paper into sections. In one section, you take your notes. In another section, while reviewing your notes, you write key words or terms. And in a third section, you briefly write summaries, thoughts, and actions. Kind of sounds like collect, process. . .


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            Re: Can you help me?

            I've just started a new job, and when I'm working, I keep thinking of things I could do better, and then promptly forget them.
            I went through a process a couple of months ago, during a back-to-back-to-back travel month. (In hotels 17 nights out of 20.)

            At the end of most days, where-ever I was about to fall asleep, I wrote a full 3X5 card answering these two questions:

            What would I like to do over from today?
            What am I glad/proud I did today?

            At the end, I had a good dozen cards that gave me some real (ok, as real as could be) objective feedback about thoughts, ideas, perceptions and attitudes. I was able to make some changes last summer, and I attribute some of them directly to this process.