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Sometimes, I wish I could drag my office into a folder

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  • Sometimes, I wish I could drag my office into a folder

    In the poking fun at myself category:

    Have you ever wanted to drag all of the messages in your in-box into a folder just so that you could see what a clean in-box looks like? I admit that I have. Sometimes, I have even wished that I could drag my whole office into a folder - just so I could see what a clean office looks like.

    While dragging my office into a folder isn't an option, learning to consistently process each item to completion is, and the WorkFlow Diagram is a great place to start.


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    Eric, I sympathize!

    Eric, I sympathize, my desk at home looks like your before picture........That is fixing to change..........I am having 30 people over for lunch and to see my new house next Friday........So the desk is preparing to look like your after picture.

    I agree with you, my desk has become one giant amorphous blob of misinformation, I think that is what creates those piles, A bunch of "Un-decisions"...........The workflow process chart is going to be my best friend these next few nights.



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      Eric, love your post about the untidy desk, I needed a good laugh.

      But you having an occasionally untidy desk isnt any different from a mechanic who's car needs work done to it, or a painter whose house needs painting or a plumber with a leaky toilet?

      The skill, as you point out is in knowing that you can get back to clean and how to do it using a solid standard systems approach.

      If the price of having you out and about helping people like me get productive and enjoying a sense of completion and fulfillment in their lives Long Live the Untidy Desk say I !!


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        I hate untidy desks.

        I can tell you that I simply hate untidy desks. It's not an "artistic" look for me but the proof of the person's laziness.