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Goal Setting

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  • Goal Setting

    Can anyone recommend a good book on goal setting? Also who has read Anthony Robbins - useful or not?

    Cheers Guys

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    Here's a good one

    Take a look at The Power of Focus - an excellent resource for setting long-term (40-50K) goals that line up with your lower altitudes.


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      The path of least resistence


      Your life as art

      both by Robert Fritz



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        goal-setting book

        SUPERSELF by Charles Givens


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          Anthony Robbins is (in my eyes) an inspirational guru of immence proportions.........and thats it!!. Nothing more.

          Wallowing in self imporance, like most high ranking go-getters, leaves much to be desired.

          What did Da Vinci do ?

          Just did!!

          (NIKE 'do it')

          Robbins is good for one thing - people with no 'get up and go' . PERIOD


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            Im still struggling with higher altitude goals. Its confusing to me - projects are goals are they not? Then we have higher level goals. Can projects be the same as goals?

            Also, all the goal setting gurus tracy etc. suggest focusing like a laser on one major goal yet with GTD we end up with 70-100 goals at one time!


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              projects as goals...


              it's about the projected length of the outcome. Projects according to GTD are multi-step, but still with a rather short timespan (from a few days to three months?).

              Goals would be longer, larger and contain many projects inside them ( timespan would be anything from three months to a lifetime depending on your "altitude")

              It's all explained in the GTD book, so you may want to re-read it. Semantics are sometimes a bit confusing. Objective, goal and desired outcome mean the same thing - something you desire and are willing to labor to get it. Someone once called goals as dreams with a plan and a timetable. A project is a useful abstract concept in planning stages.

              So even Tracy's single goal would contain hundreds of little projects...


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                Yes, but in Ready for Anything David says that 'land on mars' is a project i.e. it doesnt matter how long it takes its still a project