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MS Outlook 2003 not loading!

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  • MS Outlook 2003 not loading!

    Hi Guys,

    I think there are some knowledgeable Outlook users on this forum, so I am looking for some help!

    Today my XP Pro machine blue screened - not sure what happened, but it instantly rebooted and seemed OK.

    Outlook was not running at the time. However, as soon as I did run it - I get an error message and it just tells me it has to shut down - it gives me the option to send an automated error report (which I did) and then it either shuts down or restarts - but I can never get beyond this point.

    As it is loading, it looks like all the info in my main PST file is there and OK. However, as soon as it tries to send/retrieve it seems to crash - I cannot click on any of the folders because I don't get a chance.

    My set up is as follows. I use Yahoo Small business mail, so I am accessing my mail through POP3/SMTP. All my PST files are held on my local drive. I download email from the server (it is not retained on the server). I have 5 PST files in total.

    I have tried using scanpst.exe to repair my main pst file. It said it found some errors in a table - but fixed them. This didn't make any difference.

    I then downloaded Service Pack 1 for Office 2003. Again the same error.

    I then tried to repair the pst file but this time it said no errors in the file - but Outlook still won't load.

    I then tried reparing office 2003 - but still get the same problem.

    Finally I removed the main pst file and tried to load outlook with another pst file as the main one - I hoped I could then re-open my old one and copy the info through. But again I get the same error message - which makes me wonder if it is an Outlook problem rather than a corrupted pst file.

    Any ideas?

    I am wondering if I should completely uninstall Office 2003 and re-install it from scratch. I have never had to do that before. Never had a problem like this before.

    Otherwise I may need to call in some help.

    I see there are other pst file recovery software available, but I am not sure that is the problem in this case.

    Any suggestions or advice is appreciated - I have a lot of backed up emails in this main pst file - 600 Mb in size.



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    Have you tried running Outlook in Safe Mode? Sometimes this helps.

    Edit a shortcut to Outlook and add the following to the command line:


    So the command line should read:

    C:\Program Files\blahblah\outlook.exe /safe
    "C:\Program Files\blahblah\outlook.exe" /safe

    Try that and see if works.


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      Thanks - but that didn't work either



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        Did you recently install XP SP2? If so, Outlook 2003 may be effected by the upgrade. For more details/fixes see: