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Software to Print Hard Landscape and Sync with Palm

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  • Software to Print Hard Landscape and Sync with Palm


    I post this question periodically, but so far have had very limited response. I keep posting this because I can't believe that there aren't more people like me that like to have paper to mark up in order to keep creative flow going.

    Does anyone using a palm device have any recommendations for printing hard landscapes, to include dated todo's, in a daily grid type format? So far, Time and Chaos is the closest solution I have found, but that requires dating of all todo's and T&C handles repeating events differently than the palm so it is limited use to me.

    Any suggestions will be appreciated.


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    What software are you using to enter & arrange your GTD data? I sync my Palm using MS Outlook, and with Outlook you have many different ways to configure printing output.

    Take care,



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      I am using Bonsai to organize projects, next actions and successful outcomes, and I link next actions to palms todo. I use Datebook 5 to view hard landscape. I have tried Outlook, but the print out tunicates my entries so bad that I can't stand to view the printouts.

      I used to use Daytimer Organizer to print hard landscape, but with my T3 I can no longer sync with Daytimer. I have tried Time and Chaos, but the current version has very poor printouts and additionally, it forces a date on all of my todo entries.

      I couldn't do without the portability and storage of my palm, but I just can't believe that I am the only one that gets a creative boost and even a certain comfort from being able to put ink on paper.

      I would really appreciate hearing from anyone with any suggestions.



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        Sorry to bring you back to Outlook again. Outlook's View can be configured in so many different ways, to enable you to print out just about anything you want on your to do list.

        From your View menu, click on Auto Preview. This will expand anything in the body of your 'to do' note.

        From the View dropdown, select
        Current View, then
        Customize Current View, then

        You may have to decrease the number of fields, down to maybe just 2 or 3, to be able to print everything you want, at least in portrait page layout.

        I tried to drop a screen capture in right here (from Clip Mate) but it wouldn't paste.

        Hope this helps.



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          The problem I have with Outlook is that I cannot figure out how to get my tasks to word wrap when I print them and on the monthly calendar prints, Outlook cuts off my entries and does not print any follow on pages showing what was lost. Do you know of any work arounds for these problems?