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New to Outlook (gtd categories, etc), need some help

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  • New to Outlook (gtd categories, etc), need some help

    I've been using Outlook Express for quite some time (holds both my work email and hotmail accounts). After reading much about Outlook, I want to start using it (came with computers bundled software). Right now, I use ACT! and have a palm (Tungsten E). I'm using Memo's from Palm as my GTD Categories. While it works fine, I do like the look of the GTD Categories when using Outlook. I realize that one must purchase the $30 White Papers from this site in order to install properly. With all that said, here are some of my questions:

    1. I've seen some of the "code" that people post in order to run/install these Categories properly. Must one add to that "code" when adding new categories or items to that category (that seems very painful and time consuming)? Or is creating a new category (ie, @Computer) as simple as pointing, clicking and going (similiar to creating a new Memo on the Palm)??

    2. How do I sync Outlook and my Palm? Is there software (preferably Free) that allows me to do this?

    3. When my Outlook Express is open and I'm viewing another document, if I get mail, whether it be work or personal, I get a mailbox icon at the bottom of my screen (toolbar) alerting me to new mail. When I attempt this with Outlook, it only alerts me (again, with icon mailbox at bottom right hand corner of computer) to my new work emails, NOT my hotmail emails. Is there a way to program it to alert me to BOTH email accounts when receiving new mail??

    Thanks for your insight.

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    Outlook Express is NOT the same as Outlook (what most people are talking about here). Microsoft may have named both with similar names but they are vastly different applications.

    With Windows 9x thru XP Outlook Express will be available (packaged with the OS itself). Express is a newsgroup and/or email application not a full PIM/Calendar.

    Outlook 95/97/2000/2003 must be purchased or comes with the some Microsoft Office Suites.

    From what I can remember Outlook Express does not have the ability to handle Tasks/Calendar/Memos(Notes).


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      Outlook Express

      Yes, Outlook Express is the e-mail with address book application only. It has no calendar or contact management.


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        Yes, I realize that Outlook Express and Outlook are vastly different. My questions more or less reflect the setup of Categories (ie, @Computer, etc) with David Allen's task system. I currently use my PDA to hold my Projects, Categories (@Computer, Someday/Maybe's, etc) and I'm wondering if moving to DA's system (via Outlook) is worth it. Is it as easy as using the Palm functions when adding and deleting items within a Category??

        I've found the answer to my question #2. Guess when I initially downloaded the Palm software I did not download the Outlook conduits (probably since I was using Outlook Express at the time).

        As far as question #3, I think it's relatively explanatory although I can't seem to discover why I'm alerted to just the Outlook Inbox email and NOT my hotmail email. Alerted meaning when I'm brwosing the web, a mailbox icon appears in the bottom right hand corner of my computer (next to the other icons - battery, internet connection, messenger, etc).