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When will my Add-In expire?

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  • When will my Add-In expire?

    I downloaded the trial version for DA's Outlook Add-In a few weeks ago. I'm under the impression it's for 30 days but unlike other trial versions, it doesn't alert me when I open it on how many days I have remaining. I don't remember the specific date in which I downloaded it. I don't recall giving my email address to dowload the trial version, so not even sure someone from DA's group could even notify me via email.

    Will the program alert me to when that 30 days is about to expire?

    If I don't purchase it w/in that time frame, what will happen? (not sure if it will completely disappear and go back to normal Outlook, or could it have an effect on the way Outlook runs until it's purchased or wiped clean?)

    Thanks for your insight.

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    Another question: I'm revisiting the Microsoft Live Meeting Demo for the Add-In. As I'm watching it I'm wondering how they configure it so that the folders and the group headings (Categories, Actions, Projects, etc) are in color, whereas mine are all just plain ole gray. I went to Tools>Options>GTD(tab). I browsed around in there but couldn't find anything that would allow me to "color" up my outlook. Any thoughts on how to do this?


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      Whenever I install trial software I always add a next action item to remind me to uninstall or purchase the software before it expires.

      For example I installed the Rocket Reader 14-day trial on 9/8 on my home machine. I have a NA for @home to:
      Uninstall or purchase RocketReader B4 9/22.

      Works for me anyway. It also serves as a nice reminder to use the program during that time frame and it helps keep my machines less cluttered.


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        Tools->Options->Getting Things Done Tab
        Then click on the about button and it will tell you the number of days left in your trial.


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          Fantastic. Thank you.