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Enfish vs. Google Desktop - Finding Stuff???

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  • Enfish vs. Google Desktop - Finding Stuff???

    Does anyone have a perspective on these two products as tools to help you quickly find stuff on your hard drive, old emails, etc.? One is free and Enfish costs a modest amount of $$$. Is Enfish worth the $$$? Easy to install? No problems with crashing your computer?



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    I've been using Enfish Pro for a few years now. I love the product as it is very fast and efficient. And, it resides on my PC and does not feel as "open" as Google Desktop does (security wise). All I really need is a way to find emails, tasks, appointments, and documents fast. I don't need all of the other catalog features of Google e.g., IE web sites and instant messenger.

    I tried Google for a while but was not as impressed with the search and find times.

    While Enfish is a great company, they have their share of problems. My main complaint with them is that the "product updates" function has never worked. This is supposedly fixed now (version 6.1.3). The other thing is, it is a GREAT product, but their websites lack of "punch" and viable information detracts from an otherwise great piece of software.

    The software and company could achieve so much more if they just concentrated on Customer service (upgrade notification and a more current database of Customers) and an easier way to upgrade your existing product.

    They put a new CEO in place in September, I'm waiting to see if he/she can turn the damn company around to earn the respect the software deserves. Even today, if I had a choice between Google Desktop Search (FREE) and $50 for the "Find" version of Enfish... I'd still buy Enfish.

    I love the Pro version though. Try the trial (of either one Find or Pro) for it's full trial time and decide for yourself. I have had no issues of computer related problems with the software or any installation issues "YMMV" Your Mileage May Vary.

    Hope this helps,


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      I use Copernic. It's free, fast and works great.


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        I tried Copernic too after taking a look at Mike Hyatt's blog site Tried it for a few weeks, and was very impressed.

        I think Copernic is much better than Google's search engine.

        But ended up going back to using Enfish becuase of the speed.


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          I have tried Google, Copernic, X1, MSN Desktop Search, but keep coming back to Enfish which I have used for 5 years.

          I agree with the comments about Enfish's lack of profile, marketing, customer service and amateur website. It amazes me however that a product which emerged about 7 years ago is still able to find stuff on my desktop that none of the other "newcomers" can find!

          I do like the Copernic interface, and X1 is by far the quickest. But at the end of the day it's not about "searching" but "Finding"

          I wish Enfish would give their product and website a much needed refresh and then trumpet it to the world!



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            Enfish vs. Google Desktop - Finding Stuff???

            This may be a dumb question, but if you already have Google Desktop stored on your PC, do you have to uninstall it to get Enfish running? Can you have both working on your computer? Thanks!



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              no-you can both installed


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                One other thing to consider - Enfish Pro works across a network. As far as I'm aware all the free desktop products are limited to searching only the PC they're installed on.


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                  Copernic will index a network drive


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                    After reading this thread a week or so ago, I downloaded and and been using Copernic. This thing is a lifesaver. it even indexed the network drives and helps me find stuff on the network.

                    If Enfish is a better, it is a good product.