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Question About "Take Back Your Life" Book

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  • Question About "Take Back Your Life" Book

    I have this book on my reading list, but I do not own it. I rarely buy books and usually I am patient enough to wait until I can get them from the library. However, this book "Take Back You Life" by Sally McGhee intrigues me and it is not yet available at my library. I usually only buy books that I have read and intend to re-read for reference, so I am hesitating on shelling out to buy this one. I think I may already be working the way the book suggests and I'm not sure that it would be of much help. There is no preview option on for this book either and the reviews weren't very helpful.

    I have a GTD system set up and it runs very smoothly. I also plan about 70-80% of my day whenever I can. The way this works is that I make appointments with myself to work on big projects, or I will schedule an hour or two to work on a particular next action category. For example, I may block out an hour to crank through my @Internet category. I also use my Next Actions List to fill in the gaps when I find myself with some unexpected free time. I also block out time for routine tasks and time relaxing with my family so my calendar is pretty full every week. I don't mind the full schedule because I know it is filled with things that I am choosing to do and I am also free to change it as needed. (The scheduling concept I use came from the book 'Getting Results for Dummies' by Mark McCormack which I DO own and refer to every once in a while.) Can someone who has read Sally McGhee's book explain what benefits may be derived from it that are different from the GTD book? I would appreciate some insight. Thank you!

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    Take Back Your Life book

    Hi 1drummergirl,

    I purchased the book and have carefully studied it. The principles she uses are remarkably close to what David Allen speaks and it created quite a firestorm of comments on this site. David finally commented that he was fine with the book and that they used to work together, hence the virtually same approach, albeit slightly different language.

    The whole approach to this book is to setup Outlook. If you are an avid user of Outlook, then I think you will find this book valuable. One concept she does emphasize is scheduling your strategic next actions onto your calendar -- exactly what you are doing! She cites study results that have shown that next actions that are scheduled have a better chance of getting done that remaining on a long to-do list. SO, I think the book is good and, if you are into time-blocking and working with Outlook, you would find this book an excellent resource.

    Please don't hesitate to ask me any questions.

    Best regards,