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  • The Secret Society of GTD

    Has anyone else happened across any real-life fans of GTD?
    I find this forum invaluable for practical tips but also as a kind of support system for all of us using GTD, as I've never knowingly met anyone who uses it.
    Last week I was talking with potential clients, and the guy running the meeting was unusually focused. When he closed up by saying "So let's all agree that our next action is X, and Y will be responsible for that by this date", all while scribbling on his Palm, I couldn't resist speaking to him separately afterwards and asking if he'd heard of David Allen.
    Well it was like a meeting of minds! He's found the GTD system has completely changed his life, and we spent some time comparing our experiences of implementing it.
    As it happens, his company has decided not to go ahead with the project they were talking to me about, but I'm sure he will remember me for future work they may need, because of the GTD connection.

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    Like you, I've never knowingly met other 'practitioners' and I've often wondered about the feasibility of a GTD 'user group'. I love this (and other) forums dealing with these 'methods' for picking up 'real world' tips and tricks. As a novice I'm a bit of a sponge for information on GTD implementation etc.



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      I dont know if it counts for your original question.

      In my office we are a group of about 6 GTD-practitioners in various stages of GTD-development. The first who brought the hint to use "the book" to us has IMHO a stage nearly equal to black belt, others are beginners. It is really a good strenghtening of oneself to speak to others who understand your way of doing the things.

      Its also a good reinforcement if someone meaningful looks at your UCD if you accidently forget to write something down.



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        I haven't even bought the book yet. I came across this after a friend had spoken highly of it- and a website I had visited recently had an article about the author and that promted me to come here. My business partner will be at Barnes and Noble later today and I asked that he add that to my list. *rubs hands with anticipation*


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          Hold on tight. You're in for a hell of a ride !


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            I just got the audio tape this week. Asked a pal who was an account executive about GTD and showed him the flow chart. He tried to explain it to me but he did not know about GTD. I told him there is a lot more to it and a lot of techniques with GTD other than the flow chart. When someone knows it all, hard for them to learn anything new. In my circle, no one knows about GTD. My wife is very interested as she sees progress already with my office. What I like about GTD, is it is laid out in such a way, it is like music. The flow, the use of imagination and having to know specific techniques to "play the instrument". I played rock drums for 20 years but highly disorganized with certain life skills. Musically I am very organized in thinking out music, but daily structure is a mess. GTD puts the "notes" in place for the tune to be played, allowing for creativity. I listened and studied several "Day Timer" courses, and they are helpful. GTD leaves them all behind IMHO. Dr. C. Hobbs has an excellent course and defines time as, one event occurring after another. C. Hobbs has the grass catcher which I found a powerful idea. I really respect Dr. C. Hobbs, but at the moment learning GTD. I found out about GTD in my purchasing books online, and GTD kept popping up with rave reviews. Bought the book Ready for Anything, then GTD audio tapes. Getting the CD and book soon. The GTD culture seems to be a loyal and serious one. The thing about changing behavior and modifying it in a positive direction attracts those with the same mind set. Thus I find the quality of GTD posters excellent and very informative. It appears there is an entire culture into re-education beyond school that is taking advantage of quality forums and materials to go to the next level of performance.