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Information overload actually lowers IQ

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  • Information overload actually lowers IQ

    Saw this in today's Wall Street Journal Online:

    Feeling Stupid? Blame Your Computer

    Talk about unintended consequences: the emails, text messages and instant messages that supposedly make people better-connected can also make them more stupid, according to a new study. In a project sponsored by Hewlett-Packard, Glenn Wilson, a professor at King's College London, tested the impact on workers of a steady bombardment of electronic messages and found that workers temporarily lost 10 points of IQ as a result of trying to handle all the incoming information -- more than double the four-point effect of smoking marijuana and roughly matching the effect of missing a full night's sleep.

    I couldn't find the study itself, but there's more if you google on: ( "King's College" "electronic messages" study )

    Any guesses as to how much a well-tuned GTD system *raises* one's IQ? Wouldn't it be great if that could be measured as part two of the study?

    Have fun,

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    How very interesting that the study was sponsored (funded, right?) by a computer company, which one would suppose to have a vested interest in an opposite outcome.