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Project Sheets vs. Project Lists

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  • Project Sheets vs. Project Lists

    I'm reworking my system. I was using Outlook but am switching to Paper. (I won't go into why now.)

    I've been thinking about Projects and Someday/Maybes.

    One gem I've gleaned from GTD Fast is that you may want more than one someday/maybe list. For example, I'd like a "Dream" someday/maybe list and a "Deferred" someday/maybe list.

    That way, my "project" list is truly limited to active projects.
    My Someday/Maybe list are truly projects I may want to make active.
    My "Dream" list are projects I like to think about, but won't do anytime soon, such as "Buy an RV and tour the country".

    I don't really want to review my "dream" list weekly. Just every couple of months.

    But on to my real point...

    I thinking that rather than having a list of active projects, I'll keep each project on a separate sheet in my planner. For now, that sheet will just be a lined sheet of paper, but I can scrawl on it objectives, brainstorming notes, etc. This doesn't replace a project folder and I don't mean to use this sheet to keep project notes, just items that clarify a successful outcome and maybe links to related projects, or instantly obvious next actions.

    In a digital system, I kept this kind of thing on a note attached to the project list item. But in a paper system, I'd have to keep it in a separate locationl.

    During a weekly review, I can quickly review the single sheets. But even better, I can decide a project is deferred and move it to the someday/maybe section of my planner--with all my "thinking" appropriately captured. When it is ready to move back, I don't have to cross it off my someday/maybe and re-write it, I just move the sheet.

    Just wanted to share this "aha" idea.