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    Does GTD give any advice on how to name projects? I have read in Getting Things Done to ask what is the successful outcome. Should one name the project according to the successful outcome or the activity that leads to it?
    For example, a successful outcome for a computer that has run out of space would be "my hard drive has 500 MB of free space." The project activity that would produce that outcome would be "delete 100 MB every day for 5 days." The first name has the advantage of focusing the mind on the outcome, but the project activity still needs to be there as well. Also, it is possible to have more than one outcome desired for a project.
    How do other people handle this?


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    I tend to go this way:


    COMPUTER*: Free up space to X amt

    I enter this on the SUBJECT LINE of Outlook tasks. "COMPUTER*" would be shorthand for my OUTCOME, "Free up space ..."

    My NAs would look like this:

    COMPUTER: Delete x amt for 5 days

    This way, all COMPUTER items sort together when I do my weekly review on Outlook. Also, the * following the PROJECT NAME (COMPUTER*) keeps the PROJECT NAME sorting to the top of the attending NA list.


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      Project Names

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