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  • Getting Things wonderful

    I really appreciate this concept and I realize that I'm to be patient. Currently, I struggling with the juggling of NA and projects.

    Problem: Defining Next Action
    Problem: Drawing up each step to complete a project

    I would really love to see an example of someones typical week using this concept..perhaps a run through of your routine that you fine to be successful. I'm sure that there's no given formula...just good ol' fashion elbow grease..(putting GTD to practice) but I would just like to see maybe see someone elses routine for a given week. thanks in advance

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    Each of my days is pretty similar, so here's a typical day:

    I get home and pull out all the papers in my Tickler file for that day. I lay those out and do those as possible, then re-file if needed. I then check my NA list and complete NAs as I have time. When I complete an NA, I add the next NA for that project.

    At the end of the week, I compare Someday/Maybe with Projects (adding/removing as appropriate), and Projects with NAs.


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      Thanks a lot for your help Brent. This Public Forum is a wonderful tool. I really appreciate all the help and effort. The Stories of success and suggestions makes the transition easier. Keep up the excellent work.


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        Learning to define the next action

        I think learning to define the next action is largely a matter of repetition and practice. For some projects, these things are obvious, but for others, it's not so easy. It helps to ask yourself, what is the very next thing that I need to do? Unless you're in the wrong context or don't have the time available, it needs to be something that you could, if you chose, do at this exact moment. It doesn't mean you will do it right away, just that you've so clearly defined the next action that there is nothing that you need to do before it.

        Also, I think this is one area where a consistent weekly review can be very helpful. Over time, you'll start to notice when the same task is on your lists week after week. Often, for me at least, this is because I haven't really defined the next action, and as I'm doing my weekly review, I can rectify that.

        Finally, every time I look at my lists and decide not to do something, I'm trying to identify the reason(s). Sometimes, these are valid (not a priority, not enough time available, not enough energy to complete it), but sometimes this is also because the NA has been poorly defined.

        Really, I think practice is the key. The more you do it, the better you'll be at it.


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          GTD is not a substitute for using your brain.