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Any Real Estate Agent/Managers implementing GTD?

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  • Any Real Estate Agent/Managers implementing GTD?

    I am completely new to GTD. I ordered the CD's from N/C. I was about halfway through them when I realized that the book would go into more detail. I picked up the book last week and have been reading/implementing since then.

    Right now, I use Top Producer for almost all of my lead follow-up. I have always been a fan of Outlook and used it exclusively prior to TP. I also keep a paper-based notebook that is a catch-all (did this prior to GTD). I keep #'s; Quotes, Journal comments; etc.

    I have been reading thru the forums quite a bit gleaning advice here and there. The whole process hasn't quite settled in, yet.

    I'd like to know if there are other realtors or salespeople or sales managers implementing GTD.

    One thing I struggle with is being a "wanna-be geek" with just enough knowledge to make me dangerous (I tend to be a poor-man's early-adopter. ) But I tend to be more effective with paper-based systems.

    However, I have difficulty visualizing how to manage several dozen projects and NA's and SD/MB's solely on paper.