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    I am moving to a new firm that uses Novell's Groupwise instead of MS Outlook and am somewhat concerned. Does anyone have any experience with that product and has anyone set it up to function with the recommended categories per GTD?

    There is no option not to use Groupwise here, since the firm does not support Outlook.


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    Patrick, we use Groupwise (GW) here also. As for using it for GTD methodology I haven't found a way. For email I have set up folders etc for reference etc and I keep my In-Box empty religiously. Tasks (or Next Actions), however, are not as simple. Although you can post tasks to yourself I haven't found a way of categorising them - so I don't use them. As a Palm user I have the Palm Desktop installed and I use that for the tasks (Next Actions etc) whish works fine. I use GW simply for email (as far as GTD is concerned) although it's our default calendaring application (which sync's with my Palm).

    Regards, Edward


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      Gw 6.5 ...

      hi - The most recent versions of GW (6.5+) now have a few features that support GTD a bit better -

      There are now proper categories, all editable, applicable to all objects and an object can have more than one category.

      Also they have implemented a specialised folder called 'Checklist' - while reading an email you can click a button to add the email to your Checklist. Same as dragging it into a folder of the same name, really, just quicker

      Finally they have added a feature called 'Personalise' which allows you to change the displayed subject of the email.

      Thus I can take an email that says "Budgets!!" and a) move it to the checklist, b) give it a category and c) change the displayed subject to "Fill in this budget template and return"


      Weak points at this stage are that these are not 'tasks' as such so they don't sync yet - next version of the synching software maybe - Novell are now developing their own. However there is a menu action called "Convert to task" which takes and email and changes it's actual objetc type - you can then add a category and yes it now syncs.

      Hope this helps



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        I use Groupwise at work... also no choice...and here is how I've set things up. When I get an email in Groupwise I drag it to the Outlook task list which creates a task in outlook and allows categories to be associated. I then move the email to a groupwise folder. When you open the task you will find the email as an attachment which when double clicked will open in Groupwise (as long as you don't delete the original email hence storing in a folder other then inbox). Notes etc can be added in outlook tasks as to next or past actions etc. Once task is completed check task completed and move groupwise email to a holding or reference folder or delete it as required.

        I've taken Outlook a small step farther by creating my own task form with fields for projects and next actions which can be used under custom views.

        Hope that helps.


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          Thanks for the information

          Edward, Jon, and the Unregistered guest- thanks each for spending the time to assist me on my upcoming Groupwise transition.
          Good luck to each of you ( and good luck to me too, going through this process!!)



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            Groupwise and GTD and Tasks

            Almost two years removed from the previous thread, I am experiencing similar sets of challlenges integrating GTD with the Groupwise system at our institution. Groupwise works fairly well as a calendar management system and an email network system. I've had problems using it as a task or project management system. The issues I raise may have to do simply with my lack of familiarity with the intricacies of the software but our IT folks couldn't really figure out the following either.

            1. Unable to print out task list.
            2. Unable to see the whole task list daily - only a small window on the lower right hand corner is available.
            3. Can't complete "tasks" and simply check them off - they have to be part of the "Checklist," adding another step in the organizing process.
            4. Personalizing the "Task" is great - but only if you stay at your desk. I've tried synchronizing my hp iPAQ with the Groupwise system and the Tasks don't synchronize with the it just ends up being one long unfiltered list on the PDA which can be difficult to use.
            5. Once an email message is converted to a "Task" and is "Posted," the mail message goes to the "Trash." It is "saved" as a "Task" but the email search function can't find it. You have to remember the topic and the format of the information to find it (more things to remember to do). Once the "Task" is re-converted to a mail message, it looks a little different since it's been "Posted" already. And you can't check things off as you go, unless you had put it in the Checklist folder.
            6. I've resorted to making email folders on the left-hand side for Tasks, Waiting For, and various project folders.

            Anyone have any experiences or suggestions you can share?