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Adams "action items/things to do" books

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  • Adams "action items/things to do" books

    Has anyone used these things? I'm going to order some--they look perfect for GTD--follow-up, waiting for, a reminder of things I've done, things I need from others.

    Adams Write N' Stick "Action Item/Things To Do Today" Spiral Memo Pad, 8 1/2" x 11", Pad Of 200 Pages
    Item# List Price Our Price Units Quantity
    777072 $8.99 $7.00 PD In Stock

    A convenient combination "to-do" list and delegation notes — perfect for the office or at home. Delegate tasks using the sticky notes while keeping a copy for your records in the book for future reference. The spiral-bound book includes four two-part action item notes per page. The simple check-off boxes allow you to keep track of completed to-do items. Includes 200 carbonless sets per book. Environmentally preferable pages contain 8% postconsumer recycled fibers.


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    Never saw this before. It might be a better tool for jotting a note and putting it in the tickle file than small pieces of blank paper.

    The spouse might not like the ease with which items are added to the honeydo list because I now have a time stamp. (But Honey, I asked you to change that water filter on 5/10 and now it's 7/4.)


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      Sticky notes/to-do's

      I use them--the left side of the page is a to-do list, and the right side is four post-it notes with carbonless copies. Nice for w/f's--I can give someone a note, stick it to a print-out, and I have the copy still in my book, so I can see if they've gotten back to me yet, and check it off when they do--saves me from having to write it down twice.

      And the to-do list works as a journal of what I've done as well as what I need to do. I've seen two-part post-it notes at Office Depot, too, but I like these notes because they're in a spiral notebook, so things tend to stay more organized.

      It's not really the GTD system, but if you need to integrate To-Do's into your system, this is nice.