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GTD: Unexpected benefit

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  • GTD: Unexpected benefit

    Hi all

    Just wanted to share an unexpected benefit of GTD!

    Having implemented GTD about 12 months ago, I've been getting the usual productivity benefits.

    However, I'm changing jobs in about 2 weeks and I have to say rather than the usual last minute rush to finish things off (with all the stress) and trying to write handover notes for the poor sod taking over ...

    Everything is already in great shape including my outstanding tasks as they relate to projects, stuff I'm waiting on from others and my simple A-Z filing system is in place etc etc.

    I love GTD!!! Regards, Fiona

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    Wow, what a great approach! Writing documentations and have a great system with materials for the next person will be the most valuable things for him/her. I hope he/she is writing a thank you note for you later.


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      Fiona, that's impressive! I just moved into a job that didn't have that level of organization waiting for me. I do have access to the person who was last in that position, so I have bombarded him with questions from time to time.

      Another example: I have been appointed to chair a committee, as the former chair is retiring. It is going to be easy to follow in her footsteps because her documentation is great. There is a notebook with data report, minutes, etc., so I know exactly what has been required/done in the past.

      I haven't reached your level of organization, but I'm well on my way.



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        In the military many Operational Manuals are designed to be ready for anyone to take over. In active duty there are often rapid transitions & the mission must go on. In war of course transitions take place due to injury or death. So when I designed my Operations Manual in my civilian job I wrote it for my successor in the event I don't return tomorrow.

        Ever notice that successor has success in it?


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          job successor and the e-myth

          Hi all,

          this reminds me of the principle of the e-myth, which is to run your business as if you will be selling it off and/or clones of it as franchises. Whether you franchise your business or not, doesn't change the fact that it is an awesome way to run it - with an up-to-date operations manual, etc.



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            I just did the same thing: changed jobs. I also found that having all of my stuff at my old job organized made my transition of active projects to others very easy. It was a nice feeling to be able to hand someone a couple of lists and say "These are all of things that are in progress right now; these are the things that we've thought about doing but haven't started yet; and these are the things that are out there in someone else's hand that we're waiting for a response." My reference files were also very easy to hand off.

            I also found that in my new job, I was quickly able to take on and get a handle on several different things at once. The mechanisms were already there and in place, and I just had to start clean with everything. In my first 3 days, I had 40+ projects and 40+ someday/maybes. Without this, there's no way I could have stayed on top of them all.


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              GTD: Unexpected benefit

              Actually the reason having GTD has been so great is that my replacement won't arrive til well after I'm gone!!!