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Labeler margins

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  • Labeler margins

    My Brother 1950 labeler insists on feeding extra tape before printing, if a margin size other than Full is selected. However, the Full margin size is one inch, which not only wastes tape but also frequently makes my labels too long to fit one-third cut folders.

    Cutting the labels to fit wastes time.

    Is there a comparable labeler that will print ready-to-use labels with margins of a quarter inch or so?

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    DYMO LetraTag 11944 Electronic Labelmaker

    I have used this labler for 2 months now. In All Caps Mode (see manual) the text centers on the label and fits nicely into the clear plastic tabs of my hanging file folders. They stick quite well on the cut tabs of manilla folders as well. Unlike the Brother labelmaker, this one does not waste any tape.

    Label maker

    Paper Tape

    Plastic Tape


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      My Brother PT-2600 allows me to set the margins to "None" and doesn't waste tape. By default it is on "Full," which wastes a lot of space, but that can be chanced by holding "Code" and repeatedly hitting E (or "Tape") until the words "Margin None" are showing.

      Maybe your Brother has a similar feature but is hidden. Check their website for the manual.


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        I have a Brother Labeler that also wastes tape - I'll check to see if it has that margin option.



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          Brother Complaint II

          Yes, my Brother labeler is a tape waster as well. The only time I can keep it from wasting tape is to make multiple labels and hand-cut them apart later. I've gone through about five different labelers and, although none fit the bill perfectly, the Dymo's waste less tape.


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            Brother PT-1950 Labeler

            I have a Brother Labeler that also wastes tape - I'll check to see if it has that margin option.
            My Brother PT-1950 labeler has options for:
            o "Margin Full"
            o "Margin Narrow"
            o "Margin Half"
            o "Margin None"

            accessed by pressing the E key while keeping the Code key depressed.