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David on the TPN Personal Productivity Show

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  • David on the TPN Personal Productivity Show

    Cameron Reilly and I have recently commenced a podcast called The Personal Productivity Show on The Podcast Network.

    Our show is about staying the course with your personal productivity approach. We both use GTD as the basis of our methodology.

    Episode #003 was a real treat for us - we had the opportunity to talk with Mr. GTD himself, the enigmatic David Allen. We discussed the warning signs of falling off the wagon, how to get back on it, outcome focusing and so on. The interview was a lot of fun. David also talked about the new "GTD The Roadmap" program, as well as the upcoming "GTD Connect".

    We invite you to download this podcast at

    Will enjoy your feedback.

    Best regards

    Des Paroz
    Sydney, Australia - the desparoz On The Go blog
    www.thePodcastNetwork/productivity - The Personal Productivity Show on the Podcast Network
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