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Running ActionOutline on Thumb

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  • Running ActionOutline on Thumb

    I have been test driving ActionOutline and like some of the features it has. However, it would be great if I could get it to work on a thumb drive so I can use it at home and work. Does anyone know how I can accomplish this?


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    You can try emailing the developer with that question, or just try plugging in your usb key and installing the program to that drive. Then just move your usb key to another PC and try running the program. That should give you your answer.

    Here are a few options in case it does not work:


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      I tried emailing the developer and posting to thier forum and have yet to hear a reply. I like its simple look and feel, and the ability to easily print the outline section.

      I have since tried it on the USB drive. Some prefs are appearently stored in the registry and the style options stored in the applications data folder. So by copying that folder and setting prefs the same on both machines you can get it to work.

      Not sure why this program isn't more widely know or advertised. It gives Treepad a run for its money. But Keynote has the free cost advantage.

      So far I like the program but am a bit skeptical about forking over $40 for it.